Proteome Exploration Laboratory

Welcome to the users site of the Proteome Exploration Laboratory

We operate with two categories of users in our Laboratory.

Frequent Users

For users with intense proteomics projects, where proteomics is an integral and vital part of their project, a collaborative approach will be sought. The level of interaction varies from project to project and should be discussed with PEL. If desired and possible within the staff's current commitments, training to postdocs in several aspect (sample preparation, sample analysis, data interpretation) of MS-based proteomics will be offered. The vast majority of our users fall into this category.

Occassional Users

For occassional users who will have a few samples analyzed we offer a fee based service that will be operated on a first come first served basis. Should data from the PEL be published, an acknowledgement (and notification thereof) is kindly requested.

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Both New and Existing Users: Please follow this link to request an analysis and create an account if necessary.

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